Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - May 2019

Dear intercessors, 


The focus of the prayer letter this month is again on thankfulness and giving honour to God.


The main event this month is the Prayer Conference in Bonn where we will give thanks and honour to God for his grace to Germany after World War II as we celebrate the anniversaries of two important events. On May 23rd 1949, 70 years ago, the Constitution was adopted on which the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany at that time) was founded. On November 9th 1989, nearly 30 years ago, the Berlin Wall fell and this event led to the reunification of Germany (East and West) on October 3rd 1990. 


We will also be praying for God to speak and call Germany back to Him as we now see that the old structures which we believed were safe and sure are being shaken, including attempts to challenge some basic concepts within the Constitution.


November 9th is also the date of “Kristall-Nacht” when in 1938 Jewish synagogues and businesses were set on fire and destroyed all over Germany, and it could only be an act of grace and forgiveness by God that the Berlin Wall fell on this date. We therefore will be praying for God to renew and strengthen Germany’s friendship and call to stand with Israel, which today is also being challenged.


Thank you for praying for Germany during this significant month.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.



English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell 

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