The priestly ministry of blessing

Dear intercessors,

The introduction to the Prayer Letter for March 2013 - Blessing the land of Germany - was inspired by a visit by one of the leaders of the Call of the Watchmen Prayer Network to a prayer house in the south-west of Wales called "Ffald-y-Brenin" ( ). The attached information expands on this theme and it can be used by you to also bless your country, its people and its political leaders.

With blessings for this Passover and Easter season.

Your Call of the Watchmen team.


The priestly ministry of blessing

The assignment of the Levites under the Old Covenant was: “ stand before the Lord to minister and to pronounce blessings in his name...” (Deuteronomy 10 v.8). We are also now called to the priestly ministry of blessing (1 Peter 2 v.9). Blessing is not the same as intercession. When we bless, we pronounce “good” things. We bless in the name of Jesus under his authority. All power and authority lies in his name – not in our own names. When we bless this land in the name of Jesus, we look to the inherent “good” in God’s creation. We see through the surface which has been defiled by sin. What was God’s intention? We bless this land and all of its people as the work of his hands. We praise him for the “good” country in which we are privileged to live and declare his “good” thoughts and purposes, as revealed in his word, for our land.

Blessings on Germany

In the name of Jesus and under his authority:

  • We bless the hearts of all who live in Germany, that the hardness of their hearts will be softened. That they will be receptive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • We bless the people in this land with protection, health and prosperity in everything that is wholesome and pleasing to God.
  • We bless every marriage. May they be strong and healthy. We bless the relationship between each marriage partner, that the marriage may be filled with love, forgiveness, mercy and mutual respect.
  • We bless the relationships between the generations within each family. May there be peace, love and deep understanding between one another.
  • In Jesus’ name we bless all relationships between friends, that they may grow in mutual support for each other under God’s protection.
  • We bless the schools in this country with God’s protection. We bless the children, to be able to learn, to develop relationships, and to trust in God. We bless all teachers and staff, that they may recognise and encourage the God given potential in each child.
  • We bless the farmlands in this country with all that is sown and planted, that the land will be fruitful and yield its harvest.
  • We bless the enterprise of the people in our land, that new inventions, processes and products may contribute to the well-being of all.

In this way we can pronounce blessings also on the economy, businesses, services, the media, the judiciary, the police, etc. in our land.

You will find more information in this PDF file