Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany March 2018

Dear intercessors,

Five months after the elections we still do not have a new government in Germany! We now await the approval of the SPD party membership for the SPD to join the CDU/CSU Union in a “grand coalition” to form the new government.

In the February prayer letter we wrote: “We want to join together with Prince Philip von Preussen [descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II], Harald Eckert and the Sisters of Mary in Darmstadt during this time in a call to repentance, humbling ourselves before God according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and seeking His face, so that our land can be healed.”

Harald Eckert who leads Christians for Israel in Germany recorded a “Prophetic Word for Germany” which he received from God in November 2017 and then called for this Lent period of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter 2018.

We now attach an English translation of this “Prophetic Word for Germany”, as we believe that this will help you, our English speaking readers, to better understand the depth of the repentance for which we are also praying in the Waechterruf prayer chain again this month.

Thank you for praying for Germany. 

Your Call of the Watchmen Team – International

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