Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany March

Dear Intercessors,

There are some very important issues for prayer in this letter, not only in Germany, but world-wide. The unrest in the whole of North Africa and in much of the Middle East naturally concerns us all, as well as a proper understanding of the kingdom of God and our calling within it. As intercessors we live in challenging times.

We prayed about immigration and "multiculturalism" in Germany in December. After 25 years in Germany we realise that God can use the "resistance to change" in German culture for his purposes - to preserve what is right and defend against wrong influences in society and politics. Unfortunately even Germany is now yielding to some changes that are wrong in God's sight - homosexual couples in parsonages for example (see January letter) - so please pray for Germany to use its cultural gift of "resistance to change" in the right way to the benefit of this world and for God's purposes and glory!

Thank you for praying for Germany.

Phil and Margaret

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