Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany September

Dear intercessors,

Many of you have expressed concern after hearing about the shooting rampage in Munich and other attacks that happened here in Germany in July.

 We are very thankful for our “Call of the Watchmen” prayer network for Germany and for every single intercessor who remained faithful to stay on prayer watch during the summer months when the news is normally much quieter.

We sent out three prayer alerts to our intercessors in Germany during this time and really made use of our email distribution service!

 In May of this year we sent out a special issue on “Prayer for the salvation of terrorists and for protection from terrorist attacks” in English on our international distribution list and we attach it again here to help you in your prayers not only for Germany but also for France and all other lands that have experienced terrorist attacks.


Thank you for praying for Germany.



Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

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