Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany June 2016

Dear intercessors,

The refugee situation has been and still is a divisive issue for Christians in Germany and for the German population in general. Please pray especially now for God’s guidance and wisdom in the negotiations between the EU (with Germany seen as the leading nation) and Turkey concerning the control of the streams of refugees across the Aegean Sea to Greece. Pray also for the internal situation in Germany with the rise in the more extreme right and left wing political movements.

We recommend that you read the latest Prophetic Page (which you will receive by a separate email). It presents a very interesting perspective on how German intercessors in the Call of the Watchmen are responding to the challenge of the refugee situation.

Germany will also be very carefully watching for the result of the EU referendum in the UK on June 23rd which is also a potentially divisive issue in the UK – also among Christians – as well as within Europe.

Thank you for praying for Germany – and Europe!



On the Call of the Watchmen website (, you will find under the heading “INTERNATIONAL” the section “PROPHETIC PAGE”.
The latest issue May 2016 is now available.

 The Prophetic Page is complied by a team of prophetically gifted intercessors in Germany under the leadership of the Call of the Watchmen. Along with the more politically oriented monthly prayer letter, the Prophetic Page is written to give our intercessors in Germany the opportunity to be aware of God’s heart and calling for the land from a more prophetic viewpoint.

 When a Prophetic Page is published in German, we normally prepare a summary version in English for our international intercessors. The most recent edition of the Prophetic Page in English is attached and it gives a prophetic insight into the way many German Christians should respond and are responding to the refugee situation.

 We trust that you will find it helpful as you pray for Germany.



 Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell



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