Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany December 2015

Dear intercessors,

 A year with many earth-shaking events lies behind us and we are sure that you have become more aware of the importance of the Call of the Watchmen prayer network in Germany. Many thanks that you continue to pray faithfully with us. Because so much has happened you have also received a special issue about refugees and a few prayer alerts. We trust that these have been a help to you as you pray for Germany. We certainly do not want to burden you with too much information!

 The Advent season is still very special in Germany, as so many cities are creatively illuminated, have festive Christmas markets, and the concert halls are filled with the music of the great composers like Beethoven, Bach and Handel. May God’s Word that is sung in these concerts enter the hearts and minds of all who listen.

 With many blessings for you, your friends and families for Christmas and the New Year.

 Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

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