Call of the watchmen

Special Issue- Refugees in Germany


In the September prayer letter under the subject “Threat to peace from within and from outside” we asked for prayer concerning the refugee crisis in Europe and specifically in Germany, and mentioned the continuing crisis in Greece.


We now attach further information, which has already been released to our intercessors in Germany and is now available in English, to help you to pray with greater understanding for the challenges of the refugee crisis within Germany and the management of the debt situation in Greece by Germany within the European Union.


- Refugees – a God-given opportunity but a challenge for Germany (2015-09_special-issue-refugees.pdf).


- Greece – a challenge for the European Union (2015-07_political-page.pdf) .


This is a critical time within Germany and Germany needs your prayer and intercession - thank you for praying.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

Phil and Margaret Daniell


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