Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - May 2015

Dear Intercessors,


During these days, 70 years ago in Germany, the Nazi regime was rapidly falling to the invading allied armies. In an attempt to avoid the soldiers of these armies from seeing the horrifying conditions in the concentration camps, Nazi SS officers gave orders to send the mainly emaciated inmates – Jews, Russians, Poles, Gypsies, and other slave workers – out of the camps on “Death Marches”, towards the areas where the German army still had control. Many died from the cold and exhaustion, or were simply shot for not being able to walk or refusing to obey orders.


In many cities a “March of Life” has been or is being organised by Christian groups, in cooperation with city authorities and Jewish communities in the area, and also with survivors of the Holocaust wherever possible, to ask for forgiveness on a personal level, to promote reconciliation, and to bring new life to their cities and communities that had experienced the curse of death.


In May, Marches of Life are taking place in Bonn, the capital of West Germany after the war, and in Berlin, the capital until the end of the war and now the capital of the reunified Germany.


At the beginning of this month’s prayer letter, Rosemarie Stresemann mentions again the Christian services of reconciliation with the Armenians (see March prayer letter) which took place in Berlin in March and in Yerevan, Armenia, in April in connection with the anniversary of the Armenian genocide. The German government has so far refused to recognise the events in Turkey in 1915 as a “genocide”. This finally changed on April 23/24 when the German President in an official memorial service in Berlin and the German Parliamentary Speaker in a debate in parliament declared that Germany must accept that this was a genocide, particularly after the experiences of the Holocaust and genocide of the Jews in Germany 70 years ago. Let us praise God that He has been answering our prayers and thank Rosemarie (our newly appointed leader) for her diligent work for this important reconciliation between Germany and Armenia after 100 years.


Thank you for praying for Germany.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

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