Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter For Germany June 2014

Dear Intercessors,

Almost every subject for prayer this month in Germany has an international or global theme. Local issues are increasingly being determined, or at least influenced, by global events.

In some we pray for global Christian initiatives – like the Global Day of Prayer and the Global Outreach Day – and in some we pray for God’s divine intervention in international crises that will affect us all locally – as for the people and their country of Ukraine – and in some we ask for God’s mercy on us for global and local events that dishonour his name – like the Christopher Street Day that starts this year in Germany in our home city of Dusseldorf.

It is a great privilege to share our prayer concerns in Germany with intercessors around the world, knowing that we have a great God who is drawing us together in prayer through these international concerns.

Thank you for praying for Germany – and for our world!.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

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