Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - Education Policy 2015

Dear intercessors,


In the January prayer letter we referred briefly to the issue of “Sexual indoctrination of children and young people” and gave you the opportunity to sign the petition against the “Education Policy 2015” in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany.


This is now becoming a national issue and the Call of the Watchmen team has issued a special prayer letter on the “Education Policy 2015” to give more detailed informational for your prayers.


We feel that this is becoming not only a national issue but also a European issue (heated discussions have already taken place in the European Parliament about the rejection of the “Estrella Report” which also promotes the right to abortion and “sexual diversity” education), and an INTERNATIONAL issue.


Please read the attached letter which explains the issue in very clear terms from the Christian standpoint.


Thankyou for praying for Germany (and our world),



Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

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