Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - February 2013

Dear intercessors,

In translating the Prayer Letter for Germany into English we often have to do some research into the prayer topics to gain a better understanding of the issue and its background. This month we were faced with the term "Mutterkreuz" which translates literally to "Mother Cross". As usual, Wikipedia came to the rescue and provided the information that we needed. The "Cross of Honour of the German Mother" was awarded during the Nazi period to mothers of true German blood in good standing with the Nazi regime with four or more children. Detailed information is available at:  .

While the elegibility requirements for this award encompassed some of the values from God's word that we are praying to retain in our society today, the whole concept was immersed in the ungodly and evil Nazi ideology of Arian supremacy and the annihilation of people not considered "genetically fit" such as Jews, Roma and the mentally ill. 

The prayer letter mentions a "dark shadow" over the true blessing of motherhood in Germany. Let us pray with our German brothers and sisters for the presence of the Holy Spirit to bring life, as God created and intended it, and to cleanse this land (and our own nations) from the powers of darkness that cleverly confuse good and evil and lead us all into deception.

Thank you for praying for Germany.

Your Call of the Watchmen Team. 

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