Call of the watchmen

Political Page September 2011

The Absorbed Union of Europe – The Crisis as an Opportunity

Dear readers,
Perhaps I have undertaken too much.
However, I simply wanted to take up and shed light upon much of what presently is concerning our people and Europe: The Euro crisis, the rescue package, the reaction of the stock markets, the meeting between Merkel and Sarkozy, the current criticism of Merkel – everything is centered around one common theme, the question: Where is Europe headed? Where do we want it to go? On that point, in the end, a small “either-or”. As Christians do we have any sense of where God wants to go with this continent – economic experts and specialists from the finance world, please bear with me when I’ve, perhaps, cut my comments short. I’ve tried to work my way into the material and to express myself so that those who are not familiar with the subject matter also will understand what is happening these days.
Ortwin Schweitzer

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