Call of the watchmen

Call of the watchmen 07/08 2011

Dear intercessors,

This month let us send you a message similar to the one sent to all the German intercessors:

For the vacation period you are receiving a "double-edition" of the prayer letter. There are a number of subjects in this letter that can be spread out over two months. Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you which subjects you should particularly concentrate upon in each month.

Prayer for Israel is not included in this letter, but there is a separate prayer letter for Israel in German on the website at

In view of the impending plans of the Palestinian Authority to unilaterally declare a Palestinian State in September at the General Assembly of the United Nations, prayer for Israel should nevertheless be a priority. At the present time the German government has stated that it will not support this declaration as it cannot replace negotiations with Israel and will not contribute to the two-state solution as supported by the European Union with an Israeli State and an independent, democratic, coherent and viable Palestinian State that "live side by side in peace and security".

Thank you for praying for Germany and we wish you God's blessings and a new encounter with him in these summer months. The Call of the Watchmen Team

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