Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - June 2022

Dear intercessors,  

How to pray for the Russian/Ukraine conflict is once again a major issue in the prayer letter for June. As mentioned in previous prayer letters, Germany and indeed all the neighbouring nations to Ukraine are deeply involved in managing the massive influx of refugees and in providing entry visas, accommodation, medical supplies and work opportunities, and in deciding if and how to support Ukraine politically, financially and militarily. The future relationship between Russia and NATO countries and with Ukraine itself is a major concern. 

As you will read in the prayer letter, we believe that "God's plans have power and are more effective than those of the enemy. So all the difficult circumstances and suffering should in fact become a seed for a great spiritual revival. Let us pray now for a restoration and a rebuilding of both countries"

As the destruction of towns and cities in eastern Ukraine by the Russian army now continues, let us pray for God's Spirit to guide our leaders to know God's plan for bringing this conflict to an end as soon as possible and to save the lives of the people and the soldiers, both Ukrainian and Russian. 

There is now concern in many countries, including Germany, about rising inflation due to the rise in energy costs and to supply shortages, especially in agricultural products from Ukraine.

So let us indeed pray for a great spiritual revival through the church of Jesus not only in Russia and Ukraine but in all our countries at this time of crisis, and for the kingdom of God to come in power and His will to be done to the glory of his name !  

And as we remember God's grace and mercy to us in making his New Covenant with us and in the sending of the Holy Spirit at Shavuot/Pentecost, let us pray that "our prayer life becomes more and more dependent on both the Word of God as recorded for us in the Bible and on the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaking to us in our hearts".

Thank you for praying with and for us in Germany.

Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

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