Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - April 2022

Dear intercessors,  


The prayer letter this month gives much encouragement for us in how to pray at this time of war in the Ukraine.


Here in Germany there is much concern about the future of East/West relations, especially between NATO countries and Russia at the military level. Many families, mainly women and children, are being welcomed as refugees in Germany as they flee from their homes and cities in the Ukraine which have been damaged or destroyed by Russian missiles and bombing. Many have already been given accommodation in family homes and in a hotel in our area of Dusseldorf. The response in Germany has been amazing. 


But how do we pray? The cover letter for the original German prayer letter offers the following guidance: 


"In these times of crisis, Jesus urgently calls us to be close to him - to his peace, his calm and his security. His kingdom is characterised by righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17b). We all feel the immense tension of these days. But our attention is on Jesus. The more we see him, the better we can meet our needs in prayer as we become more clearly aware of his lordship and understand his intentions and plans for this time." 


And in the prayer letter we read under "Pray for the healing of the nations": 


"Then let us hear and pray prophetically for the Ukraine and for Russia and so pronounce blessings and healing on the two nations. ... But we can also pray that what is in the dark will come to light and that corruption will be revealed. That the Jewish people in both countries will be called "home" to Israel and that spiritual revival is coming. Jesus wants to share his heart with us for the Ukraine and Russia. Perhaps God will literally give you a song which you begin to sing over the nations during your prayer time. Lord, release the "Sound of Heaven"! "


Thank you for praying with us in Germany and particularly for spiritual revival in the Ukraine and in Russia through this crisis and also for spiritual revival among the Ukrainian refugees in Germany and in all other countries where they find refuge. 


God bless you all. 


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell 

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