Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany - November 2018

Dear intercessors,


In the recent state elections in Bavaria and in Hessen, the parties in the central "German Federal Government Grand Coalition" - CDU, CSU, SPD - all lost seats in the parliaments of these states, while other parties mostly gained seats. These results have caused further unrest and uncertainty in the changing political landscape in Germany which you will read about in this month's prayer letter. 


This month there will also be decisive Senate and House of Representatives elections in the USA and important policy decisions must be made concerning "Brexit" by the UK government and parliament and in the European Union. We live in a world in changing times! 


Intercessors have been born "for such a time as this". Like Esther, let us accept the challenge, and invite the Holy Spirit to join us in prayer for all our concerns in these unsettling times and be thankful for the answers we have received to our prayer. "Through him the kingdom of God comes in power when circumstances appear to be against us." 


Thank you for praying for Germany - and also for your nation. 


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell


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