Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany October 2018

Dear intercessors,


You may have already noticed last month that the introductory paragraph of the prayer letter has been extended and also now includes "practical steps".


The leader of the Call of the Watchmen (Waechterruf) writes: "We want to encourage you to spend much time worshipping God. In future prayer letters we will now be writing fewer articles on current issues for prayer and we suggest that you spend a good part of your prayer-time using these practical steps to bring honour and praise to God before you turn to prayer for a particular issue." 


As you will read in this prayer letter, recent events in former East Germany in Chemnitz (Saxony) have brought much confusion and fear into German society, and intercessors have also been unsure about how to pray. Those who do not live here must be even more confused!


So let us spend some time in worship before getting into the detail of current issues in Germany and allow the Holy Spirit to free us from confusion and guide us in our prayers!


Thank you for praying for Germany.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell


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