Call of the watchmen

Prayer Letter for Germany May 2018

Dear intercessors,

If you manage to read this message as soon as it arrives, we ask you for your prayers for the night of April 30th and the following day of May 1st. During this period of time more than 1200 years ago, a Christian feast was celebrated to honour Saint Walpurgis, a missionary to Germany who fought against disease and occultism.  There are now still occultic ceremonies held in the Harz mountains on April 30th called “Witches’ Night” or “Walpurgis Night”, and on May 1st there have been violent demonstrations in Berlin and Hamburg in recent years.

Please bring your praises and prayers before God for the power of the blood of Jesus and his completed work on the cross to dispel and destroy the powers of darkness over this land during this time. Pray also for wisdom and protection for the police and other emergency services from occultic and politically motivated attacks by radical groups of demonstrators.

As mentioned in earlier letters, a “March of the Nations” will take place on May 15th in Jerusalem to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. This event is an initiative of the TOS Church in Germany to express the friendship of Christians from the nations with Israel today. A team of 45 intercessors from the Call of the Watchmen will be joining the German tour group from May 11th to 18th. Please pray for us to be a good witness for the Jewish Messiah to the Israeli people during the march and throughout our stay.

Thank you for praying for Germany.

Your Call of the Watchmen Team – International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

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