International Section

Bereichsleiter - Section Leader

Phil Daniell

(from England) and his wife Margaret (from Wales) moved to Dusseldorf with their two children in 1985. Phil worked as an International Product Manager in Essen for an American company.  When the “Call of the Watchmen” prayer network began in 2000, Margaret was immediately involved as an intercessor for Germany and soon realised that there was a need for an English translation for international prayer groups in Dusseldorf.
Phil then assisted with the translation into English and since retiring in 2010 has taken on the responsibility to translate the prayer letter each month as well as some of the special issues, prayer alerts and selected items from the Prophetic Pages. The international distribution list has now grown to more than 150 English speaking intercessors, not only in Germany, but in countries as far away as India, Indonesia, Australia, Africa and North America, and in prayer houses in the Netherlands, England, Israel and in the USA. God has given Phil and Margaret a heart for Germany. Prayer for the body of Christ, our society and those in authority is a key for spiritual awakening in Germany. They also want to encourage more intercession and prayer for Germany to remain faithful in its special relationship with Israel and to fulfil God’s calling to be a father and leader nation in Europe and in the world.

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