Prayer Letter for Germany - June 2024

Dear intercessors,

We especially recommend that you read the section "Israel and our weeping" in this month's prayer letter as it really helps us all in our various countries to pray, according to God's Word, for the current pressure on God's people in Israel . As you will read:

"The current situation in and around Israel, and also the mostly irrational reaction to it world-wide, makes it clear that we are here dealing here with a critical issue which primarily has a clearly spiritual dimension. - - - The prophet Joel takes up such a circumstance and presents a strategy for the people to follow and in order to receive God’s blessing and restoration.- - - He tells the priests, and thus also us as a royal priesthood, grafted into the precious olive tree of Israel, to “weep between the temple porch and the altar” and to ask the Lord to look upon his people with compassion, and to not make God’s inheritance “an object of scorn, a byword among the nations”."

For us today, "the temple porch" is our prayer room, and "the altar" is now the cross of Jesus under which we confess our faith in Him for salvation, pray to Him as watchmen and are assured that God hears our prayers for ourselves, our church communities, our land, and the people and land of Israel.

We also ask you to pray for the European elections and for the European Football Championship which are taking place this month in Germany and were mentioned in last month's prayer letter.

Thank you for praying with us.

Your Call of the Watchmen Team - Germany and International.

PS: Please consider using the "Sway" version (the large print, colour graphic version) of the prayer letter in your prayer groups, projected onto a wide-screen if possible, as this can really help you to follow the prayer topics as you pray together.

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