Prayer Letter for Germany - February 2024

Dear intercessors,



This month we celebrate the 24th anniversary of the Call of the Watchmen ! Despite all the crises that are currently shaking our country, (see prayer letter), we still feel a deep peace in our hearts that God is in control and that His order remains strong when human order begins to falter. We want all the more to consciously feel that the ground on which we are founded as a prayer network is firm and know that it is in the heart of the Father that we find such assurance. Despite all our inadequacies, God loves us and our country very much.



In the 25th year of the watchman's call that is now beginning, we want to pursue God on unknown paths. There is so much more of God, his kingdom and whole new dimensions of his glory to discover. We are very excited and look forward to being“explorers together with you in these days.


Thank you for praying with us in another new year.



Your Call of the Watchmen Team - Germany and International.



PS: Please consider using the "Sway" version (the large print, colour graphic version) of the prayer letter in your prayer groups, projected onto a wide-screen if possible, as this can really help you to follow the prayer topics as you pray together. 

Zu diesem Sway wechseln


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