Prayer Letter for Germany - November 2023

Dear intercessors, 

In this prayer letter we primarily address items for prayer concerning the recent horrific events in Israel and the ensuing war situation with Hamas..

Two such prayers are as follows: 

"For the reconciliation of the descendants of the brothers Isaac and Ishmael. Together with Messianic Jews and Arab Christians, we stand up for their peoples before God and as pioneers for the Prince of Peace." 

"For the Palestinian population - for liberation, protection, and healing."

But the letter also addresses "A time to learn to love radically"! We want to grow in love, get to know our hearts better and recognise God's wisdom and ways. He calls us to come higher that we may come into the places where we can better experience his love and purposes. 

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good - His love endures for ever! (Psalm 136)

Your Call of the Watchmen Team - Germany and International. 

PS: Please consider using the "Sway" version (the large print, colour graphic version) of the prayer letter in your prayer groups, projected onto a wide-screen if possible, as this can really help you to follow the prayer topics as you pray together. 

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