Prayer Letter for Germany - October 2022

Dear brothers and sisters, dear intercessors,

In the coming month, we look back with gratitude on 32 years of German unity. What good things God has done for us! Gratitude is so important at this time. It changes our view, opens horizons, and connects us with God's heart and actions.

In this month's prayer letter there are many issues of great concern for our prayer in Germany, and also in Europe, in Israel/Iran and in our entire world.

Praying for God's intervention in crisis situations can be very challenging for us as intercessors. In the opening section we are reminded that we are "seated with Christ" and need to experience his presence and peace as we pray. As you will read: 


"Being seated with Christ means being in a place of peace and assurance. Also a place of authority. Deep peace is the unmistakable sign that we are close to our God in heaven and correctly "tuned-in". We only get connected to heaven through the medium of our hearts. Let our hearts take the lead. This is not achieved by having the right knowledge and understanding, but by allowing our hearts to guide us into a deeper relationship with God and with each other and by this make a difference in this world." 


As we pray together for these challenging issues, may our hearts experience his presence and peace and know that our prayers are received by our God in heaven and will make a difference in this world.


Please note, that we are presenting a new format of the prayer letter to you. From now on you will find the mobile version at the end of the prayer letter emails.


With a thankful heart for your commitment

Alexander Schlüter, Johann-Christian Fromme, Stefanie Power, Ortwin Schweitzer and your Call of the Watchmen Team International


Zu diesem Sway wechseln


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