Prayer Letter for Germany - May 2022

Dear intercessors,  


The prayer letter this month again raises the question of how to pray at this time of war in Ukraine. In the opening section we are challenged to renew our perspectives on life in these times of change and uncertainty about the future, especially as we read and hear every day the news from Ukraine and all the countries which are involved in supporting those who are suffering and are desperately looking for ways to end the conflict. 


As you will read in the prayer letter: 

"Together we want to seek such a new encounter with God and enlarge and widen our perspectives. Let our spiritual eyes be opened wide! " 


We pray that God will open your spiritual eyes and help you to widen your perspectives at this time with the assurance that He will always be there, perhaps in ways we do not expect.


The section on prayer for the "Protection of Poland" may give you a new perpective on the relationship between Germany, Poland and Russia with regard to recent history and the current situation: 

"We as Germans can now reverse the history of the invasion of Poland and the Soviet Union and pray that Poland will become the midwife for the birth of God's purposes in this war. At the same time, our mission has to go even further towards Russia - we are not opening a new front." 


Thank you for praying with us in Germany and particularly for spiritual revival in Ukraine and now in Poland. 


God bless you all as you pray. 


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell 


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