Prayer Letter for Germany - June 2021

Dear intercessors, 


This month we are encouraged to start "dreaming with God".  


As you will read in the letter: 


"God has a master plan for our world. With this we can set our minds at rest. You cannot spend time with him and not be infected by his ideas, plans and thoughts for the future! His dreams always take us over and beyond our current situation. His dreams are not dependent on a sober assessment of what might be possible, but they reach out into the realms of faith and belief ... and therefore have no limits." 


"Together with God and other intercessors we can help give birth to God's dreams."


As we continue to pray for Germany (and our own countries) and for the current issues associated with our health, our freedom and our rights as citizens under the government restrictions, let us be filled with God's Spirit of hope and with a vision for the future. Let us be assured that he does have the master plan and that he wants to share it with us as we spend time with him in prayer. 


May God surprise you this month as he shares his dreams and they come to birth in your life. May they be dreams of spiritual revival in your country, in your city, in your family, in your ministry and even in your relationship with him in prayer ! 


Thank you for faithfully praying with us.


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell 


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