Prayer Letter for Germany - April 2021

Dear intercessors, 


The prayer letter this month challenges us again to clothe ourselves with the identity that we receive from God and with Christ, through the "parable of the changing room" ! 


"We must stand before God as though we are naked, not in shame, but seeking to be newly clothed by God and to take on a new identity from him, with more love and a new desire and determination for transformation in us and in our land, so that we are prepared to move forward into the future. We need a new awareness of God, his presence and his almighty power in our land! 


We are also challenged to keep the mystery the cross and the shed blood of Jesus at the centre of our intercession and to pray for the proclamation of the cross of Jesus in Germany. (Romans 1:16). 

This message is so relevant for us all at this time of remembrance of the Passover in Egypt and the Resurrection of Christ on the Feast of First Fruits in Israel.  


Thank you for praying along with us in Germany 


Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International.


English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell 


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